Car Batteries- Some Maintaining Tips

Car Batteries

Many prefer travelling long distances by car, but your trip can be a disaster if your car’s batteries are weak. The batteries of a car, for that matter any vehicle, should be powerful and charged enough to start the motor, the lights of the vehicle and the ignition system of the engine. Automotives use batteries which are rechargeable.

Car Batteries

Selecting the Right Battery for your Car

  •  There are many brands of car batteries available in the market. The price of these batteries start from as low as $8 and goes up to $200, depending on their sizes, types, brand name, cold cranking amperes (CCA) and the reserve capacity (RC) for your vehicle.
  •  Both CCA and RC are very important factors to be considered.
  •  Check your vehicle’s manual for recommendations of the battery to be used, and also check which car battery will best fit the dimensions available for battery in your vehicle.
  •  Generally, there are many batteries available at the lower end of the price bandwidth. However, you need to thoroughly check the warranty details, since some don’t have any warranty attached to them.
  •  Also check for free replacement period of the battery.
  •  Checking details of car batteries online can be a good idea, and also doing a bit of research on the feedbacks and reviews posted by consumers who have already bought the specified brand can bring awareness about the battery’s quality and life.

Maintenance of your Car Battery

  •  Like most parts of your car, regular maintenance of the battery can prolong its life and save you from starting troubles.
  •  If you are leaving town for a while and your car is not going to be used, it is a good idea to disconnect and take the battery out of the car and store it in a warm and safe place.
  •  Corrosion at the terminals of the battery can prevent the car from starting, hence any signs of corrosion should be cleaned immediately. Reasons of corrosion could be various such as salt-water absorption, heat, humidity, dirt cracks that have occurred in the battery casing or even loose battery terminals.Thorough inspection, regular cleaning and a coat of dielectric grease are certain measures used to prevent corrosion of the battery terminals.

While removing or opening the battery, you need to take certain precautions:

  •  Car battery contains sulphuric acid which should be handled carefully. Keep children away from the battery.
  •  Never touch the acid with bare hands.
  •  Do not inhale the fumes emitted from the acid since they are toxic.
  •  Work in well lit and ventilated areas. Some of the components in your battery are flammable and thus adequate safety measures should be taken.
  •  You should also check the cables, they should be neat and clean, with no corrosions on them.
  •  Always disconnect the negative cable first, when you need to remove the batteries.

So, next time you plan your long drive, always get your car serviced and batteries tested, before you hit the road-it will save you a lot of effort and money down the road.