Can you drive with a cracked windscreen?


How long can you drive with a cracked windscreen? Is it safe to drive with cracked windscreen?

Things to consider while drove with cracked windscreen

Size. One of the most crucial things when you need to drive cracked windscreen is the size of the cracks. If the crack is large and long, then this possible you break the law against driving with cracked windscreen. In this condition, you might consider for replace the windscreen. In other case, if the size is small, then you might able to drive for longer time. However, it is still recommended for repair your windscreen.

∙ Position. Position where the cracked site is other important things need to consider when drive with windshield replacement. If the crack is in passenger side and the size is small, then it should be not a big problem to drive your car until you able to repair it. In other case, if the cracked or chips is located in front and it interfere the driver’s view through the windscreen, then it is illegal and you need to repair it soon or replace with the new one.

∙The spreading crack. The other problems that result from the cracked windscreen are the growing cracks. Usually, the chips or cracks are tends to grow. As the temperature of weather are fluctuates, the auto glass will be contracts and expands. This will make the crack weaken the point in the glass and make the crack growing. When the crack goes, then it means worse things such as replacement that cost you more.

Which one, repair or replace?

In some condition, you can repair the crack or chips. If the crack less than 10 inches long, then it possible to repaired. When you notice there are crack on your windshields, then inspect it and bring to technician to know it need to replace or just need to be repair.