Benefits of Using Vinyl Stickers for Your Advertising

Using Vinyl Stickers for Your Advertising

Stickers and decals have long been a part of the advertising world for many, many years. They started out as coated paper that was cut into a number of different shapes and covered with very colorful decorations and slogans. Today, there is a much better choice being used by the advertisers that offers a much better return on investment.

It was discovered that stickers and decals made using a vinyl material were much more durable and lasted a lot longer. This vinyl material is water resistant and fades resistant so that you could place our advertising stickers in places exposed to the elements and not have to worry about having to replace them.

Key Benefits to Using Vinyl Stickers for Your Advertising

  • More durable than plain paper stickers
  • Much more affordable
  • Eco-friendly as they don’t break down quickly
  • Water and humidity resistant
  • Comes in three unique finishes
  • Easily removed without leaving residue

Uses for Vinyl Stickers

As you can imagine as the popularity of using the vinyl material in the making of stickers, the ways that they could be used multiplied. Since the plastic surface of the stickers resisted water and the sun didn’t readily fade the colors, all kinds of signs began popping up made by printing directly onto the vinyl.

Advertisers jumped on the bandwagon and used them to promote products, construction companies used them to label their heavy equipment. Political groups, fundraisers, and athletic clubs used them to help raise money for their causes. The one drawback was that the equipment needed to make them is quite expensive and makes it less cost-effective for the individual to print them.

Custom made vinyl stickers

There is now a whole new industry that was created to produce a wide range of custom-made vinyl stickers and decals. These companies have the expertise and the equipment to design and make them from start to finish in a reasonable amount of time and they generally charge a fair price for all of the work they do.

Along with custom-made advertising signs and stickers, there are also numerous holiday-themed signs, stickers, and banners made from vinyl that can be made into just about any size, shape, and color.

Specialized equipment for vinyl applications

While direct print machines have become quite popular for a number of different materials or substrates, vinyl production actually requires a specialized piece of equipment. In order to be able to get the precise die-cut look, the machine needs to not only be able to print in color on the vinyl, but it also needs to have a built-in cutter that can be used to create the unique shapes and cutouts in and around the shapes and colors.

Having the equipment is only half of the equation, the businesses that specialize in making vinyl stickers, decals and signs also employ very talented artists and equipment operators that do all of the work that is necessary to produce the final product. Fortunately, there are many companies that offer this type of service so that depending on the area you live in, the cost can be kept lower.

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