Are You Looking for A Quality Used Motorhome


The idea of buying a motorhome is tempting for many people. The idea of being able to have the freedom to drive from place to place in a mobile home is a lifestyle that plenty of people experience for themselves every year. Imagine having the freedom to drive from one location to another all in the comfort and relative luxury of a small home on wheels?

Why Not Go Used?

If you’ve spent any time looking around at motorhomes to purchase, the first thing you will realise is that many of them are incredibly expensive! While this is certainly the case for larger models, there are also plenty of used A class motorhomes from Oaktree Motorhomes that are fairly affordable and are of excellent quality.

If you’re worried that buying a used motorhome will leave you wanting for features, you can consider the following as standard in all motorhomes:

  • Toilet facilities that includes a cassette toilet system
  • A waste water tank
  • 230 volt mains electrical outlets, so that you can run the devices you need to at any time
  • Kitchen facilities, including a sink, grill, and oven
  • Audio and video systems
  • A tank for fresh water with inbuilt pump and heating system
  • Refrigerator
  • Bedroom fixtures
  • Washing facilities

These are considered standard fixtures in all motorhomes, but you may also find extras in the motorhome you decide on, including, but not limited to an external shower, reversing camera, awnings or external sun shades, satellite enable TV, and a satellite dish.

There are a number of reputable companies with many combined decades of experience in assessing, maintaining, and selling used motorhomes. What you can expect from these companies is that they will clean every vehicle thoroughly, service the vehicle to make sure it runs smoothly, conduct any needed repairs on the engine, and provide a one-year MOT on every vehicle sold.

In fact, the best companies will allow you to get inside all of their vehicles in a well-appointed showroom so that you can see if the motorhome is right for your needs. A low pressure sales approach and a willingness to provide well-honed advice is what sets companies like this apart from their peers in the used vehicle industry.

A Surprising Home Away from Home

Many people are often surprised at the wide variety of modern fixtures and fittings in motorhomes, but the truth is that all motorhomes are intended to be a home away from home. The intention is that each motorhome can function as an independent home that provides power, shelter, and all of the standard things that we need for living. A motorhome of any size is in fact many steps up from a mere tent or campsite!

Though some people do certainly like to travel in them for much of the year during their retirement years, many people like smaller motorhomes for weekend travels or for family holidays. Depending on the size of your motorhome, imagine being able to invite family and friends along on a touring holiday of the great outdoors? Rather than roughing it in a few tents, everyone will have access to electricity, showering facilities, cooking facilities, and beds that are far more comfortable than a sleeping bag on the cold ground!