Are premium tyres worth the extra cost?

premium tyres

Anyone who has needed to buy replacement tyres for a vehicle understands there is a huge range of tyres available from which to choose.  There are world-renowned brands that have very premium prices, brands that offer mid-range priced tyres, and then brands that may be completely unknown that offer budget priced tyres.  Choosing the best tyres can therefore be a bit of a challenge.  However, the process can be made easier by learning which tyres are best for the type of car, the amount of mileage driven, and the driving conditions.  While there is generally a temptation to always seek out the value, or budget options, consideration should be given as to whether or not premium tyres may be worth the investment.

Premium tyres generally cost more, not just because of having a brand name like Goodyear, Michelin, Pirelli, or Bridgestone, but because these tyre manufacturers have invested large sums of money into tyre technology, engineering, and safety testing.  These investments are what make premium tyres more hard wearing and safe, but also make them more expensive.  In most studies, tyres manufactured by premium brands outperform tyres that are cheaper and from lesser or unknown manufacturers.  The premium tyres offer improved wear, grip, and fuel efficiency.  Motorists who tend to travel a great deal annually, covering many miles, and/or motorists who drive a lot on high-speed motorways may find the investment in premium tyres well worth the money.

premium tyres

In the long run buying premium tyres can pay dividends with improved performance, superior safety, longevity, and reduced fuel consumption.  Premium tyres have been proven to stop faster in dry conditions than budget tyres.  In wet conditions the premium tyres show even better stopping results compared with cheaper tyres, performing all around better thus being much safer than budget tyres.  Furthermore, premium tyres have better grip and handling in all conditions, not only for stopping, but also for cornering on dry and wet roads.

Certain premium tyres have a low rolling resistance that help to reduce fuel consumption.  The more efficient braking and accelerating ability of premium tyres also contributes to improved fuel consumption.  This is especially important in urban driving conditions where tyres are about thirty percent of overall fuel consumption.  Obviously, premium tyres are more expensive to buy initially, but over time they can provide ample savings in fuel, increased life and longevity, while also giving motorists the peace of mind they are driving on the safest tyres on the market. It may even help to maintain the value of a vehicle when the time comes to sell my car. Considering all these aspects, choosing premium tyres is definitely worth the investment up front.  Motorists should always buy the best tyres their budgets will allow.