Accessories to Vamp Up Your BMW 3 Series Interior


Staying true to the luxury of a BMW is the most important aspect when it comes to vamping up your ride. After all, the BMW 3 Series is luxurious even without the additional customization. But if you are someone that likes their vehicle to match their personality, well then there are things you can do to make it your own; beginning with the interior.

BMW 2013

When it comes to vamping up your BMW 3 Series interior, you’ll soon realize there are more options than you ever thought possible. From sound systems to customized leather seats to the stitching of those seats; there are many customizable effects out there, starting with the steering wheel.

Steering wheel covers not only look great but will help your steering wheel stay protected from the sun, which can cause the steering wheel to dry out and crack. Protecting it will protect your investment. It will also help keep your hands from getting burned after your BMW has sat in the heat all day. Stylish steering wheel covers will make any interior look different with this simple stylish accessory.

Cargo liners are similar to a protective mat only larger and designed for when the seats are laid down while loading from the trunk. A cargo liner will help ensure the carpet will not get frayed or torn when carrying your items in the trunk. These are especially useful when you have a heavier item to transport but also to ensure there are no spills directly onto the carpet.

Floor mats are a necessity especially if you aren’t happy with the stock mats that come with your newly purchased BMW 3 Series. There is a wide variety of floor mats available for purchase, all with the BMW logo and made from different materials. For example there are carpet floor mats, rubber floor mats and larger floor liners.

The carpeted floor mats are known for resisting stains and keeping water from soaking through the mats. Typically the carpeted floor mats will match the color of the carpet already installed but you do have the option of varying from that style.

You’ll consider rubber BMW 3 Series floor mats as a more durable option of keeping your floor boards dry and clean but the more durable material will also ensure less cracking. The grooves in these upgraded floor mats help to capture moisture and dirt; helping to keep the carpets cleaner. Simple remove the mats, shake them off and replace. It’s that simple.

Floor liners are a more customized option and cover more area in the floor board as they are usually larger in size than typical floor mats. Typically one large piece is used to cover more area. For the trunk, protective mats will keep your trunk looking great longer.

Keep in mind, the small things make a big difference too as BMW also offers mirror accessories, drink holders, sunshades and visors and even shifters and levers. There are many options available to ensure your vehicle is customized the way you want, right down to the lug nuts.

While there are other options to vamping up your BMW 3 Series, start with the interior. This will help in planning anything you want to do to the exterior.