A Comprehensive Checklist on Van Leasing


Are you thinking of owning a van, minus the headache of long term commitment? Then consider the option of van leasing, with wide variety of vans at your disposal. Moreover it is the best way to finance your vehicle, mainly used for commercial purposes due to cheap monthly payments and flexibility in operations. The agencies showcases a wide line of modern and latest vehicles, manufactured and designed by top notch car giants of the world. The one thing that makes leasing, the most preferred choice is its flexible nature. By spending half of your money, you can get a van of your choice right at your doorstep; besides that you can also use the extra money for future growth and expansion of your business.  There is no room for doubt that leasing has its numerous benefits, but at the same time, it comes with few potential drawbacks too. While striking the deal with a reputable leasing dealer, look out for these highlighted drawbacks:

End up paying more than needed

Always, bargain as much as possible, although you are not going to own it for your lifetime still rational bargaining is good. Try to convince the sales representative to give you the deal at considerably lower price, after all at the end you will be benefited the most by striking the right deal.

Not laying focus on integral portion of the deal

When van leasing offers you to lease a van, make sure you have a clear idea about what are you paying in total, the approx figure. Sometimes, it happens that the lessee feels that he is paying lower amounts, but at the end, when the rentals and costs are summed up, the amount appears to be huge. So, better focus on the bigger picture and not on the temporary gains.

van leasing 1

Playing with your cash

The lease market is flooded with many dealers who will ask you to pay lower monthly payments but will charge exorbitantly during the down payment. By getting away with paying substantial down payment, it always does not end up doing much good. For example, if your leased van gets stolen, during the first few months of your leasing deal, the dealer will get his claim from the insurance company but you will run out of money. So, by making adequate monthly instalments, you don’t have to worry much about your leasing van, even though something bad happens to it.

Not paying enough attention on the mileage limits

While signing the deal with your van leasing agent, you should read carefully the part which mentions the mileage agreement. Generally, the mileage in the clause ranges between 12000 to 15000 miles for a year. In case of exceeding the limit, the client has to incur additional charges and the payment can be as high as 25 cents per mile, although this rate varies from company to company.

Leaving behind the fine print

Just like any other important official documents, you must read through the fine print meticulously before deciding what to do with the deal. This document mainly highlights the minute details about your deal, so that you can decide whether to go ahead with the deal or not.