5 Small Mistakes That May Turn into Bigger RV Problems


All of us have come across situations when we had no one but ourselves to blame; and the repercussion could have been anything from loss of time to loss of money, and more. These often make good stories to share over a cup of coffee. However, you know it wasn’t funny when you had to face it. The same thing can happen to you if you recently bought a used diesel motor home and think that there could  be no bigger problem than those flat tires, engine breakdowns and improperly functioning sliders. Well, this blog has news for you. Read on to learn about some of the common mistakes that new RV-ers make and that often put them in a tight spot.

Did You Put the Pin?

This is a very serious mistake and can have costly impact including severe damage to your tow truck because of the sudden fall of the trailer on it. Or it may also happen that the trailer goes down the highway causing a major accident because the pin was not connected to the truck. Therefore, never forget to slide the safety pin to keep the trailer connected to the vehicle. Take a walk around the RV before turning the ignition and check if the hooking is properly done. Remember, an accident due to such a mistake can even cause death as apart from devastating damages.

Have You Kept the Wheels of the Coach off the Ground?

Oh well, if you have been doing that for a long time, we suggest that you stop it right now! It is completely wrong to think that the jack can control the entire weight of your RV It is meant to level and stabilize the vehicle for a short period of time only and not to lift it completely off the tires. Moreover, you are placing jacks in the four corners without supporting the central section, which is a big mistake and it can seriously damage the basic structure of the RV. The vehicle can even topple if the distribution of weight is uneven.

Did You Leave the RV Windows Open?

There is nothing wrong in keeping the RV windows open when you are not inside it. This will let fresh air circulate inside the van. But avoid doing so if you are in an extremely windy place. For instance, you may have gone boondocking and decided to leave the van for a day trip. You keep the windows open because you want to return to a well-ventilated unit. When you come back to the RV, don’t be surprised if you are greeted by a lot of sand inside the rig.

Are all the Tires of the Same Size?

If you think it is okay to drive an RV which has tires of different sizes, then you are wrong. To travel smoothly and safely, it is mandatory to have tires that are not only of the same size, but are also well-inflated. They must be strong enough to carry the weight of the RV and sustain the rough road and driving conditions. Tire damages can give a serious blow to the vehicle like crack in the sewer tire.

Have You Bolted the Furniture to the Floor?

Yes, you don’t want the furniture to move around the RV while it is on the go, but that does not mean you will be bolting it to the floor. This can harm the floor and gradually damage the entire framework.

The used motor home that you recently bought maybe in top shape, but you do need to follow a few rules to keep it in great condition. Remember our tips and stay away from these mistakes. Enjoy the rig and the road.