What Your Supercar Says About You


They just don’t turn heads wherever you go, they also present some interesting details on you!

Yeah, right. The supercar you drive is a clear indication of your taste, and those who know about cars will know it at the first sight. So how would you like to present yourself in your super – expensive machine?

The luxurious life

After all, anyone who owns a supercar lives a luxurious life, right? Yet your car can be a solid indicator of your love for everything lavish, and all the posh supercars are no exclusion. If your drive is a luxurious, yet menacingly fast GT such as the Aston Martin Vanquish, Ferrari California, Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, or a Bentley Continental GT, no doubt on your need for speed, but you want the most comfortable way of going from 0 – 60 as well.

The ultimate showstoppers

Practically any Italian supercar will fit here. Any Ferrari or a Lamborghini Centenario (maybe with the exception of a Gallardo, or maybe not) will instantly turn heads, and rightly so. With pricetags that simply bring in tears to any normal human being, and performance to deliver the best of thrills, and, and the looks to leave onlookers in a state of freeze, you simply command the attention of the passers – by. Additional points if your ride is an early Lambo, or a Murcielago; you can indeed drive very well.

Bang for the buck tuned up to 11

Supercars are super expensive, right? Not all though. Some supercars offer mind boggling performance for a fraction of Ferrari or Lamborghini sticker prices. The Nissan GT-R redefined the supercar spectrum when it was reborn in 2007, and the Chevy Corvette has been there since waybackwhen as a cheap, yet amazingly thrilling machine. You drive one of these, and you qualify for the econo – conscious group of speedhunters; not exactly a bad group to be when you can outdrag and outdrive most of the Euro exotica.

Da Boss

You are Da Boss. You want everyone to know. You drive a Bugatti Centenaire, a McLaren P1 or a Porsche 918. Or better still, you drive a LaFerrari. You are Da Boss. Period!

My lil Pony is no lil when it comes to speed

Ah yes, them Pony cars. The Yankees have a special ‘thing’ for speed and they love their Pony cars. The Ford Mustang has served generations of supercar hunters, and the Chevy Camaro is no less mean. They don’t cost a fortune to buy, and are perfectly capable day – to – day runners as well. You belong to a very sensible group of supercar (er, wannabe supercar) owners. Don’t forget about the numerous special editions, such as the Shelby Cobras and ZR1s; proper Eurofighters.

The silent killer

They can outdrag a Ferrari on a traffic light grand prix, but they are more fitting doing a weekend shopping run rather than a fire breathing racetrack bash. If your drive is a sleeper, you fall to the classiest of owners; those who have barely a little show, but a booster rocket of go. The uberwagon from Audi, the RS6, the superMerc S63 AMG, the Panamera Turbo are all proper sleepers, with all hell unleashed if you want to. Otherwise they are just some classy cruisers.

The Driver

You drive a Caterham CSR, or an Atom V8, or a Porsche 911 GT2? You fall into this group. You simply enjoy the raw thrills of a supercar and nothing comes close to the raw thrills. You are prepared to forego most of the other luxuries (and a host of safety equipment) for an irreplaceable ride.