What to Do if You Are Stranded on a Remote Road


If you find yourself stranded and broken down in the middle of nowhere, hopefully, you have the number of a roadside assistance service. You should have also told your friends and family where you were going before you left on your trip. If you are broken down in a remote location, it is imperative that you remain with your car as well.

How to Prevent Problems

Some of the things you should do to prevent breaking down include the following:

  • Make sure the engine’s fan belt is in good condition and is tightly connected. You might also think about carrying spare belts.
  • Inspect the coolant level for the radiator. Do not remove the cap when the radiator is hot. Top off with coolant, if needed.
  • Look at the radiator hoses and check for leaks.
  • Check the gearbox, engine oils, and filter, and also make sure the oil levels are full.
  • Replace the fuel and air filters, if needed.
  • Make sure you have access to an inflated spare wheel and tyre.

Staying in Control

If you have checked your vehicle and still break down, at least you can call Kensington car breakdown and recovery services who will have a better grasp of the situation. Therefore, if you are not sure what is wrong, at least you can rule out some of the possible repairs.

You should always carry more than one mobile phone, regardless of where you travel. You should also arm yourself with contacts. A satellite navigational unit is also a good device to carry if you plan to be travelling in remote locations.