What the Best Gearbox Repair Services Offer


Are you in need of having your automatic gearbox repaired? There are a number of different transmission services out there that will help you with your problems, but some offer more and higher-quality services than others. If you’ve never needed a transmission service in your area before, here are some of the things that the best professionals offer.

Comprehensive Services

When you arrive to have your transmission repaired, you should be offered comprehensive services that start with a basic diagnostic to determine the issues with your vehicle. Depending on the problem, you should be offered everything from repairs to the complete removal and refitting of your transmission. All of this should be done quickly and with a full explanation of what needs to be done.

Full Cost Transparency

All garage services in Dartford should be fully transparent when it comes to costs. There should be no surprise costs when you receive your bill. All of the expenses should be fair and your quote should include the cost of all diagnostics, labour, fluid replacement, parts, and aftercare.

Use of High-Quality Parts

All parts used to repair or replace your gearbox should come from either the manufacturer or be fully-reconditioned parts that have been tested and guaranteed to be good quality. These parts should be guaranteed, too, so if they fail they will be replaced.

Full Repairs

If your automatic transmission needs to be fully disassembled to be repaired, the pieces should be thoroughly cleaned and then inspected for wear before being replaced. Even if a component isn’t the cause of your issues, it should still be replaced if it appears to be worn. This can help prevent future damage and make your vehicle run better. All filters, seals, and gaskets should also be replaced so your vehicle is in near-perfect shape when the repairs are finished.

Any gearbox repair service that offers all of this things at an affordable rate is certainly a service to file away until it is needed.