What Does It Take To Be A Good Panel Beater?


Panel beater is a term used to address the repairman, who repairs damaged body parts of a vehicle. This term is widely used in Australia and UK to address  to address a person who repairs metal, fiber and glass damages occurred to a car, and then restore those cars in factory for final checkup. If you have interest in working for an automobile company, then panel beater’s job is also an option that you can consider. For this job, you need to learn making or forming the vehicle by using machines and tools. If you gain expertise in this field, you will be able to earn good money in the automobile industry. Mentioned below are some details about the panel beater job that might help you in your job search.


Removes damaged parts:

Every day there are lots of car accidents that take place. The vehicles damaged in accidents come direct to the automobile factory for repairing process. If you are working as a panel beater, you will have to remove the broken parts of your car. For example, if the windshield is broken, you will use windshield removing tools to remove it. In addition, the panel beaters also work to remove the damaged panels of the vehicles. Automobile companies use advanced tools, and this makes the process much easier.

Restore vehicles for factory clearance:

This is an important task of a panel beater. When damaged or accidental vehicles come in factory for repairing purpose, the panel beaters remove whole damaged parts and panels and then use mechanical tools to restore cars in the factory. Their jobs also include welding process through which the panel beaters joint and cut the damaged panels. The power tools are provided to panel beaters in factory, which are utilized for denting purpose. Some vehicles face dent after the accident, which is restored by panel beater.

What abilities you should have to work as a panel beater?

Since panel beaters work to remove damaged parts of vehicles and repair them, you need to posses the needed mechanical knowledge related to vehicles. For example, you should be familiar with how to use tools and mechanical equipments to repair a car. You will have to cultivate a habit of working in factories. In automobile factories you will come across sounds of tools and machines; you will have to adapt to such ambiance. If you can’t work in such atmosphere, then this job is not for you.

Panel beater’s job seeks good eye and hand combination. You will have to look out for certain parts of the car and then use tools to repair or remove those parts. If you do not have good hand and eye coordination, then avoid being a panel beater. Every day you will deal with various damaged vehicles. You must have enough expertise of estimating the time required to remove damaged parts and repair the vehicle. If you can’t estimate because of lack of experience, you will face some problems in the initial stage. New techniques and equipments are taking place of mechanical tools. You will need to acquire skills to use these machines and equipments to work in the automobile industry.

The job of a panel beater is surely a challenging and demanding. This is a specialized field and with so many vehicles coming in the market, the need of panel beaters is increasing by each passing day. The specialty of this field makes it a well paying job. Although, there is physical labor involved in this work, but as a whole the job is very satisfying and is also well paying.