Valeting and Detailing Cars Increases Their Value


Over time, an auto’s parts can begin showing signs of deterioration. Whilst regular maintenance can keep a car running, you still need to rely on valeting and detailing services to maintain your car both inside and out. By taking this approach, you can keep your car longer and sell it for more when you are ready to buy a new car.

Mini-Valet Services

If you opt for a mini-valet, you will receive a number of detailed services. Experienced alloy refurbishment services in Plymouth can literally transform the looks of a vehicle. Some of these basic services include the following:

  • Hand washing the car with hot water and a wax shampoo and drying it with a special towel
  • Cleaning the door shuts until they are spotless
  • Vacuuming the interior of the car throughout
  • Removing all the litter in the car
  • Cleaning and polishing the inside window
  • Adding a fragrance to the interior

Detailing and Valeting Can Be Done on a Variety of Vehicles

You can detail and valet one of various vehicles or modes of transport. For example, services are extended to small to large-sized cars and 4X4s as well as motorhomes, boats, and vans.

Full Valet Services

If you opt for a full valet, you can have your car’s exterior fully degreased as well as have mould and tree sap removed. The service also includes revitalising all the exterior plastics back to black. Interior services include the removal of pet hair as well as the removal of ash from the ashtrays. The interior is vacuumed as well as the spare wheel well and the boot.