Useful Tips: When looking for lift trucks for rent


The work of even a small enterprise is difficult to imagine without special equipment. One of the most popular types of equipment considered the lift trucks. They are used usually in warehouses, industrial or construction sites, and even in the trading rooms of large supermarkets. But the fact that the cost of such equipment is quite high, so not every owner of the warehouse can buy it. However, there is a simple solution to this problem – the lift trucks for rent.

lift trucks

The benefits of the lift trucks for rent:

  • First, you can select the required type of equipment;
  • Secondly, all the equipment is in excellent condition;
  • Third, there is no need to pay for the time when the lift truck does not work;
  • Fourthly, you can choose the lift trucks for rent for any period you need;
  • Fifth, the lift trucks for rent could be provided with a driver who has experience in the operation of such special equipment.

What to choose?

To the heated indoor premises, where the distance from the refueling point is sufficiently large, the optimal solution would be electric lift trucks for rent. These lift trucks for rent are quite functionality and performance. The only thing – make sure that the power outlets will sustain the load while charging the battery.
On the outdoor area and large area it is better to use diesel lift trucks. They do not require high fuel costs, and are not limited in range.
For bulk products choose the front loaders. Pay attention to the load and volume of the bucket.
If the equipment will be used in the agricultural area, the perfect solution would be a model with attachments. In terms of functionality, they can replace the tractor and excavator.
It is worth noting that the attachments used not only for work on the agricultural area. For example, the universal loader after installing the bucket lugs transformed into construction equipment and thanks to the brush for garbage collection becomes a unit, which is widely used in municipal services.

To choose good lift trucks for rent you need to pay attention to some characteristics when selected.

Load capacity of the truck

To determine the load capacity of the truck, you need to know: What is the maximum weight of the processed goods, what is the lift height and load size, as the center of gravity affects the choice of the loader.

Engine Type of the Loader

In the production and sale of food products, as a rule, are used the electric lift trucks, but if there is good ventilation and high ceilings, you can use the gas-petrol. If the truck is used outdoors, it is best to choose a diesel truck.

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