Why roadworthy certificate is important and how do you opt it for your car?


If you want to sell your car then you must need a roadworthy certificate because every buyer has to check the condition of the car and this certificate is a valid document which can prove that your car is in good condition and buyers can use this car on road. This is mandatory by the government in major states but this is not applicable to some cases like if you sell your car to your spouse or some car trader, then you need not require any roadworthy certificate for your car. In some area, this certificate is required for all types of car also because motor-vehicle authorities need to check the car condition and pass this certificate as a safe to run document only.

Why roadworthy certificate is important?

You can get the roadworthy certificate through a simple test of your car. This checking cannot assure you that your car is in top notch condition and it cannot approve the best quality car also. This certificate is just a testing procedure and it will provide you with a simple assurance to drive safely. That means if your car is passed by roadworthy certification then your car is safe to drive on road but in future there is no assurance for longevity, fuel costing and engine suspension conditions.

Roadworthy certificates check the following things:

  • Wheel, tyres, steering, suspension and brakes of your car
  • Seat and seat belt, knot and other sitting conditions
  • Car lights, lamps, side sights, indicator and reflector
  • Window, windscreen, wipers and slider of the front windscreen
  • Minor safety related parts of engine, carbonator and clutch
  • Car body inspection including the door, body and structure

roadworthy certificate

Keep yourself safe by availing a roadworthy certificate:

Through these above inspections, the authority can assure that your car is safe and your car can be used it for a long time. When you want sell your car to a buyer, you need this certificate as an authentication document only. On the other part it will protect you also because after being sold, if the buyers suffer from an accident then they cannot accuse you in any condition and the police also cannot arrest you in such matter. When you place your roadworthy certificate to the buyer that means you have proved that your car is in good and safe conditions and it can be driven smoothly and this is certified by the authority itself. So you will be headache free and your selling process can be very smooth and risk-free also.

How do you get your roadworthy certificate?

It is very simple to get the roadworthy certificate now, you can easily book your car online and get the inspection schedule instantly and give your car for the roadworthy certificate at the time of inspection. After few hours the inspection is completed and you will get your certificate instantly. Now you can easily sell your car to buyer.

  • You just need to book your car online
  • Visit the car service station at the scheduled time
  • Give your car for few hours
  • Get your certificate

What are the benefits of roadworthy certificate?

  • You can sell your car in a hassle-free manner
  • You will get the best and highest resale price for your car
  • This certificate assures you that your car is safe to drive
  • After selling your car, you will not be entitled for any types of accident and mishaps
  • You can get the roadworthy certificate from an online booking and hassle free procedure
  • You can use this certificate for your own use and satisfaction that you are driving a safe car always

Do you like to know more about roadworthy certificate? Let’s go to the details to get few more information.