Tips to Buy the Best Pre-owned Vehicle

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Before you shop around for a pre-owned vehicle, take an inventory of what you are after. Don’t let your eyes attract you to a vehicle that you won’t really be happy with down the road. What features and attributes must it have? A safe vehicle is always important to have, so take the time to find out about recalls on certain years and models. This will help you to rule them out from the start.

Do you need two doors or four doors for your used vehicle? It depends on how often you need to access the back seat area. A coupe is sportier, but if you have children or often have passengers in the vehicle, a sedan may be better. You may find an SUV or a sports car is up your alley this time around. There are so many types of cars for sale in Canberra that you don’t have to settle for anything you don’t really love.

Mileage and Reliability

Mileage on the vehicle may be important to you as well. If you commute daily for work or you travel often, a vehicle that has low mileage is a good idea. You won’t get to drive very many miles, though, on a vehicle that isn’t reliable. Make sure it is in very good running condition before you purchase it. Only buy a used vehicle from a dealership with a great reputation. You don’t want to get a lemon that doesn’t run soon after you get it off the lot.

Cars for Sale

Check the vehicle over and identify any issues with the engine. If you notice leaks in the engine area, that isn’t a good vehicle for you to purchase. Check out the tyres and listen to the vehicle when idle. Don’t be in a hurry to get through the process either. Some people are very intimidated when a salesperson is standing there. If they aren’t willing to help you fully inspect the vehicle, then go somewhere else.

Check out the interior of the vehicle too. Sit in the seats and make sure you don’t feel anything poking in your back or your butt. Try the radio to make sure it works and check the speakers are in decent condition. Turn on all of the knobs on the dashboard and make sure they all work and all of the gauges do what they should. Try the heater and the air conditioner, no matter what time of year it is.


If you don’t have the funds outright to buy a used vehicle, you aren’t alone. Most people need to obtain financing. Before you go shopping for a vehicle, make sure you can get that financing. You can get pre-approval to let you know the amount you qualify for. This can help you to identify your price limit before you go shopping. Don’t be tempted to spend more than you can afford in terms of your monthly budget either. You don’t want to stretch your spending to the limit due to the vehicle payment you commit to.