Tips for Creating a Website for Car Shops


Alright, you have a car shop but you are wondering how to increase your pool of customers. Well the most basic and effective method for drawing in more people and gaining more visibility is to create a website. Now, a website does not magically make you famous, in fact, if you simply make a website for the sake of having one, it won’t make any difference at all.

A website needs to be designed in a certain way if it is to be effective. So, here we will go over some of the design tactics concerning your website, but for it to have better visibility, you will have to do a lot more work.

Organizing home page

Basically, your homepage is the first thing people see, so you can feature some of the most interesting content right there. Meaning, special offers, discounts, new cars in stock, new services, customer incentives, and recent posts.

Also make sure your home page features a lot of content that can be reached by scrolling down. This way when you optimize your site for smartphone and tablet users, they can browse your content using the scroll feature.

Also, if you have a video commercial, you can put it on your home page. This way viewers can immediately know what you are offering, they can see where you are located, and they will have more insight into who you are. It is simply more trustworthy this way, and viewers can feel a better connection to you as a seller.

Category of services

As a car shop you should offer more than simply selling cars, you should do repairs, maintenance, upgrades, provide insurance, spare parts, sell and purchase used cars and rent cars. Basically these should all be categories on your site, and when someone hovers over them, they can display a drop down menu that lists out more subcategories of that service.

Then those subcategorize should have their own pages, and these pages should explain your service, but also be optimized for more visibility during search. For example if your shop is in New York, it should be optimized for the “car repairs New York” keyword phrase.

Blog section

Another really important section that has nothing to do with your services, is a blog section. Your site needs to have a blog, because it will be easier to optimize it and it will have material that can be used to draw in more potential customers.

The blog section should contain useful tutorials on how to appraise the car, how to change oil, how to check whether all the components are working etc. This type of content allows you to do some internal linking that leads to your services pages, and at the same time you can link to other high domain and trustworthy sites. As long as the content is useful and high quality, it will generate more authority, and it will be regarded as something other blogs can allow on their site.


Finally, for the purpose of visibility you’ll need to optimize your site to appear more frequently in searches, i.e. you’ll have to do SEO and local SEO, find a different web hosting provider if your current one does not offer a satisfying service, make sure it is optimized for small screen devices, and choose a good theme for your site.

All of this takes a lot of time, and it is an ongoing project, so you can’t simply cash it out and be done with it. The best way to tackle the issue is actually to outsource to the agency that already specializes in these types of jobs.

You can research SEO company reviews, to find out which SEO agency will give you quality service and contact them to negotiate the terms of business. Do not expect to see any significant change in your site’s traffic for at least three months, but afterwards you should notice positive changes and a rise in authority.

As you can see, the tactics themselves are not difficult, the hard part is content creation and focusing on content quality. Remember to optimize your site for all of the keywords that you can rank for more easily, and that are strong at the same time, and remember to contact the right people to design your site.