This wild looking concept is Lamborghini Ankonian and it comes directly from a German student


Its author, Slavche Tanevsky, created it thinking of a future Batmobile and we would say that he did a great job! The base of this concept car is taken from Lamborghini Reventon and the sharp looking design make you feel as if this is actually a beast on wheels!

The concept was created under the supervision of Professor Dr. Othmar Wickenheiser. The name of the concept is inspired from the famous bull type and especially its black hair. The attitude of the car’s design doesn’t need any further explanations to why this exact animal was chosen as a main source of inspiration.

The design language is based on Reventon and is nothing like the regular present clichés. The force and aggressiveness of the car is not demonstrated through some regular wild graphic details, but it is implied through the main body’s complexity and angular shape.

The supercar runs on a medium engine, which is not exactly sustainable, when it comes to ecology, but it is not one of the biggest engines on the market, showing at least some responsibility towards the environment.