The Mechanism of the Dodge Caravan ECM

dodge durango ecm

It is fascinating how fast there have been technological advancement all around the globe since the very dawn of industrial revolution. Though it is hard to believe but it is a fact that today’s automobile has more computer technology than the first Lunar space module! An ECM or an engine control modulator is an advanced piece of technology on board a car which monitors and regulates engine functions, emission gasses and also it optimizes engine performance and fuel consumption to a huge extent. The Dodge Caravan ecm is mounted in between the battery and the nearest headlight within the engine compartment in most of the versions of the Dodge Caravans. This hugely varies on the year of the van and also on the type of module that particular version uses. A faulty module should be fixed as soon as possible as it can lead to prolonged problems.

Generally the systems controlled by the ECM include fuel delivery, EGR (exhaust gas re-circulation), evaporative system, air management, TCC (torque converter clutch) and also spark timing. It is constantly updated with data (voltage signals) from the sensors (input) about engine operation. The sensors are basically variable resistors which modifies a voltage to or from the ECM.

dodge durango ecm

When the car mechanic is replacing your treasured dodge caravan ecm or dodge durango ecm this might be the basic steps to it:

  • The very first step to replacing the dodge caravan ecm will consist of disconnecting the battery at its negative terminal and then loosening the clamp nut for the black battery cable with the help of a wrench. After that the positive cable is disconnected. Then the heat shield will be pulled off the battery.
  • The second step will consist of removing the ECM’s upper bracket mounting bolts with a wrench and disconnecting the electrical connectors after that.
  • The third step will include unscrewing and removing the bolts for the headlight housing near the battery and ECM. And then the housing will be pulled out and the electrical connectors for all of the headlight bulbs will be disconnected.
  • The fourth step is vital and consists of removing the lower mounting bolt for the module and then removing it from the van’s engine compartment. After then the module is held by the body without touching its terminals in order to avoid static shock.
  • The fifth step is installing the replacement control module and then connecting its lower and upper bolts and electrical connectors.
  • The sixth step is re-installing the headlight housing with its electrical connectors and retaining the bolts after that.
  • The seventh step is slipping the heat shield back onto the battery.
  • And finally the eighth step comprises of reconnecting the battery, at first starting with the positive cable and then after that the negative one.

So precisely if you are aware of this much intricacy it is enough for you in order to abolish any chances of getting ripped off by the car mechanic.

Summary: The Engine Control Module of a car plays a vital role in the mechanism of any car. The probable steps which is carried out to replace a Dodge Caravan ecm and a Dodge Durango ecm is discussed.

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