Six Fun and Trendy Cars to Buy


At Carmax Finance we are always selling cars and always answering very similar questions… namely about which car is right for the customer! For a bit more information on this you just have a look through the below list! Here are five fun little cars ideal for zipping around town and highway driving.

  1. Fiat 500: This little Italian number is designed for the narrow roads of ancient cities and towns of Europe. It comes in a number of fun colours as well as options with an open roof. You can enjoy the summer shopping and just motoring about town in this nifty little hatchback. We try to avoid clichés but this truly is a chick car for ladies who like to have fun. The car has unusual features such as a dashboard that can apparently be used like a whiteboard. Could prove to be the next driving distraction, but until then why not enjoy it?
  2. Toyota Prius: This is a bigger car better for the man about town, but is suited to anyone who wants a stylish car with an interesting bumper that really give it a distinct look. Almost like a soul patch. Even the lights of the 2017 toyota prius car both front and rear have a well-groomed appearance that accentuates and adds depth and detail. This is car ideal if you are also looking for a car that is fuel efficient.
  3. Ford Ka: Yes Ka like someone with a bad American down south accent. This is truly a cute little car that is fun to look at and even more fun to drive. It is small and efficient and is perfect for city driving. This is a spunky car with plenty of personality and attitude.
  4. Mini One: No hip and trendy car list can be without the Mini One. This car is perhaps the original car designed for zipping. It is smaller than anything you might see, yet surprisingly spacious and comfortable inside. It comes in a number of colours with impact and can prove to be your best friend for getting things done on weekends and getting you to and from work cheaply and enjoyably.
  5. DiahatsuCopen: This car is reminiscent of days gone by when you could get a vehicle that had a lot of style. There are a number of colour choices for the interior that contrast with the stylish and slightly offbeat design of the exterior that makes it a little quirkier than most trendy cars. You will enjoy the drive as much as you do the look of this cute, sophisticated car. The fact that it is a convertible can make it even more appealing to some.
  6. Smart Fortwo Convertible: People have become more accustomed to the crunched look of this car so you won’t be as likely to get stared at when you are motoring around town. It is small, stubby and unusual in appearance but you couldn’t find a better choice for city living. It looks interesting, but you might change your mind once you take it for a test drive. Pay attention to how it feels because a lot of people have buyer’s remorse once they have had it for a while.

If you are looking for a car with a little more personality you can’t go wrong with these six cute, hip and best of all affordable choices.