Pros and Cons of DIY Wheel Repair


We live in an automobile-obsessed society. We revere our cars and depend on them as our primary mode of transportation. Auto repairs, no matter how minor, are a major inconvenience.

Rim damage is a common issue that drivers have to deal with. Automobile owners have several options to rectify unsightly scratches or scuffs on rims. One of these options is to buy a DIY wheel repair kit.

These kits usually include paint thinner, sandpaper, putty, primer, and paint. Kits like these are affordable, but there are some complications you should be aware of before purchasing one.



According to an IBISWorld report, the American auto mechanics industry generates $64 billion annually. Even honest mechanics are looking to profit, meaning they’ll charge overcharge for simple fixes.

Mechanics are like all businessmen. They’re looking to use their specific expertise to make a profit. And there’s nothing wrong with that. As automobile owner you should look into performing certain fixes yourself to save money.

The main benefit of DIY wheel repair is the cost. Professionals charge up $150 to repair a scuffed or scratched-up wheel. But DIY repair kits are only worth the money if you know what you’re doing.

If you don’t think you can manage an automotive repair, take your car into the shop and let an expert handle it.



DIY wheel repair kits are not very expensive, but repairing the wheel is lengthy process that can be complicated for novices.

The wheel repair process involves removing the wheel, cleaning and sanding the wheel, applying putty, priming, painting and mounting the wheel.

If this sounds complicated to you, you’re definitely not alone. Buying a repair kit is not very expensive, but repairing your own wheel is labor-intensive and can take multiple hours.

Repairs Can Be Unsightly:

DIY wheel repairs are less expensive than professionally performed repairs, but there are some downsides. Repaired wheels look different than unafflicted wheels.

DIY wheel repair kits are a great option if you only care about functionality and saving money. If you care about how your car looks, you should explore other options to combat rim rash.

Can’t Rectify the Problem

A layperson might be capable of performing DIY wheel repairs, but there isn’t a perfect way to truly repair wheel damage. Wheel damage is a hassle and the easiest way to deal with it is to take preventive measures.

You can cover up the damage or crudely repair it with a repair kit, but the best way to tackle rim rash is to prevent the issue to begin with. Rims are vulnerable to damage and there’s no good way to completely repair a rim after being damaged.

The RimBlades Solution

It’s far easier to damage an alloy wheel than it is to repair a damaged wheel. It doesn’t take a major accident to cause permanent damage.

You can buy a repair kit and repair your wheel, but these fixes are temporary and do not solve the problem. The best way to repair a wheel is to prevent the damage in the first place.

RimBlades, a DIY modification, prevent rim damage and even cover up existing scratches. They can also be used in conjunction with a DIY repair kit. RimBlades add style to your vehicle in addition to protection.

RimBlades offer several style and colors options to ensure you can achieve the look you’re looking for. Unlike DIY wheel repair kits, RimBlades do not require expertise. Installation is simple.

RimBlades are not a permanent modification and can be removed at any time. Thanks to high quality adhesive, RimBlades will stick to the wheel after being cured. Rimblades protect your alloy wheels with style.