Make a deal you won’t regret


There are many great second-hand car deals waiting for you on the local market. The reasons for buying used are multiple, with many drivers choosing to wait a few years for great new cars to hit the second-hand market. The second-hand market allows you to get your hands on a fantastic motor for a fraction of the price you would have paid when it first hit the forecourt, and what’s more is that it offers exceptional variety, catering for a wealth of tastes and requirements. Some drivers go through the entire motoring lives without ever buying a brand new car, and are more than happy to do so. Some of the best used cars of Norfolk can be found at Abbeygate Cars.

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Don’t take risks

If you’re seriously considering buying a used car, you’ll be faced with a choice of purchasing from a dealer and opting for a private seller. Buy from a private seller and you won’t be protected by the Sale of Goods Act, which means you may be taking a big risk. You may find it tough to obtain justice if you discover a fault not pointed out to you before you bought the car, whereas a dealer will be forced to put things right. They will usually be members of a trade network and bound to a customer-focussed code of practice. This means it will always be in their best interests to treat you fairly and follow the rules.

Used Cars

Examining the car

Don’t be swayed by a great price tag alone. You’ll need to be able to cover costs for fuel, insurance and tax. View the car in dry, light conditions and make sure the details on the documents match up with what you have been told. Why not take a more experienced buyer with you if you have no experience of the used car market?