Essential Car Services

Maintenance of cars - tools, materials, equipment

Driving is a pleasure, yet it does come at a price, and with regular maintenance and inspections, you can be reasonably sure the car is in good health. There are a few drivers who seem to think that a car is designed to run forever, and only needs fuel, yet the reality is that vehicles need servicing, with components being replaced at a certain mileage, the vehicle should remain in good working order.

Engine Maintenance

The engine is the power plant of the vehicle, and with so many moving parts, there are things to be checked, such as engine oil level, coolant level, brake fluid level, and power steering oil, and this should be done on a weekly basis, topping up when necessary. Engine oil should be changed at intervals recommended by the manufacturer, along with the oil and air filters, and new oil should be the right grade and type for the vehicle.

Broken Windscreen

This happens a lot more than you would think, and even though we use the latest toughened class, a loose flying stone can crack a windscreen, and once that happens, it must be replaced. If you are living in the UK, and looking for windscreen services in Stoke on Trent, there are online solutions who can replace your screen within the hour. With 30 years’ experience serving the local community, the company has many mobile teams, and as soon as you make contact, they will have someone on their way to you in no time.

Replace and Repair

A good auto screen supplier would offer an alternative to replacing, which is to repair the damage. This can be done more often than not, and is therefore a cheaper alternative than a new screen. The developments in windshield construction make repairing an effective alternative to replacing the unit.

Keeping a set of tools in the car, along with some fuses and bulbs, is a good idea, and for things like windscreen breakages, which most people are insured for, keep the number of your local screen replacement company handy, just in case.