Owning a sports car is the dream of almost every American youth until they are aware of the price ranges. While it’s true that good things don’t come cheap, not all sports cars would require you to break the bank before owning and maintaining those cars. Here are some sports cars that would not entirely break the bank.

Scion FR-S

Early installments of the Scion of FR-S series are currently on sale in the $15,000 range. Although it’s definitely not the best around, it still makes for a decent sports car with its rear-wheel-drive chassis. You could consider saving up some more though. You may need some modifications to get this car performing up to par.

Chevrolet Corvette

If there’s anything that’s better than owning a sports car, it’s definitely owning a vintage sports car. Thankfully, the C5 and C4 Corvettes, icons of the 80s, are now quite cheap. They’ve still got great mileages under them and the ever-present appeal of Chevrolets.

Ford Mustang

While the evolution in the automotive industry places less focus on cheap power, Mustangs are still loved in many areas for exactly this reason. What makes them even more lovable? There’s a Mustang for every budget. If you know where to search, you could get a decent SN-197 GT for about $10,000 or even less. Mustangs are sometimes said to be the most ‘enhanced’ cars around. So you could turn the powerful beast into a real monster if you have a good mechanic.

Mazda Miata

This is another car that has been around for quite a while, and no matter the generation of Miata you drive, there’s always this good feeling that comes with it. The better news is that no matter what your budget is, there is almost always a Miata for your garage. So why not go ahead and get this sports beauty for yourself?

Honda S2000

This car perfectly combines strength and agility, in a way that none of its competitors can. They are still more expensive than cars like Mazda Miata but they also boast more power and more finesse, plus there’s a high tendency you’ll enjoy revving the engine so much, you’ll get addicted to it.

BMW E36 M3

The M3 series is a complicated one at best. The older installments are now seen as relics that should be kept, while the prices of the newer ones have refused to budge. The E36, though, remains a great buy at a reasonable price. Get ready for an awesome driving experience with the manual transmission.

There you have it! Above are a couple of sports cars where the maintenance of them won’t take a large chunk of your budget. Sports cars are sleek and fancy and show the class in you. Not everyone loves large cars. If you are willing to add a sports car to your fleet of automobiles, any one of the cars mentioned above will be perfect for you. Above all, you don’t need to break the bank just to keep your car running.

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