A New Generation of RVs


The term RV has been with us for a while now, and the recreational vehicle has filled a void in the motoring world by providing a vehicle that is in synchronicity with the modern leisure lifestyle. Compact, yet surprisingly roomy, the latest generation of RVs can sleep up to four adults, and with cooking facilities and refrigeration, you have the ideal set up for some seriously independent travel.

Mini RV

This vehicle has the amenities of a minivan and the driving experience of a car, and is the perfect way for the family to holiday. Designed from the ground up for a self-driving holiday, every inch of the interior is utilised, and with available extras, you can really create a unique self-sufficient environment with all the comforts of home. American families prefer to see their homeland via road, and if you were looking for camper rental in Las Vegas, there are online suppliers of these amazing utility vehicles.

The Basic Amenities

The mini RV can sleep up to four adults, two using the double beds that the seats fold into, and the other two can watch the starts in the unique rooftop sleeping section, which has a mechanism to open. Hi-tech insect netting ensures a good night’s sleep, and the view is out of this world! Opening the rear hatch door reveals the twin butane gas burners. Neat drawers contain chopping boards, pot and pans, and just about everything you’d need to conjure up a delightful meal. If you don’t fancy eating outside, the rear seats morph into a dining table, where the whole family can sit comfortably.

If it’s raining and you fancy a night in with entertainment, you have a DVD player and all the comforts of your living room are there if you need them. The central section folds into a sturdy table, which is great if you fancy a few hands of blackjack before hitting the strip. Full a/c and blinds all round give you both comfort and privacy, and with a dual battery system on board, there is ample power.

Rental Options

If you are planning a few weeks touring California or Nevada, there are online suppliers of these unique vehicles, and there is an extensive list of add-ons to make your holiday a little more comfortable. These include:

  • Kitchen Kit – Pots, pans, and cutlery
  • External table
  • Bedding kit (per person)
  • Solar Powered shower
  • Generator
  • External heater
  • Snow chains

You can also request a GPS unit, if you are planning to go off the beaten track, and with comprehensive insurance and round the clock support, your holiday experience will be one to remember. The rental company would have extensive knowledge of the local attractions and would probably give you a booklet with information and maps.

A self-driving holiday is a unique experience, and if you have yet to book your next vacation, consider renting a mini RV and discover the wonders of America.