5 Tips for Buying a Fuel Efficient Vehicle

Fuel Efficient Vehicle

Thanks to technological advances, you no longer have to buy a tiny car to get great fuel efficiency. Electric cars are getting bigger, as are hybrids, and you always have the option of diesel powered vehicles as well. If fuel conservation is important to you, here are five tips for purchasing a more fuel-efficient car:

Consider Needs First

Before you start looking at new cars, you need to determine exactly what you need. A small economical car is not going to suit you if you have a family because the back seat can become cramped quickly as your children grow. First, determine what size vehicle you need and figure out if you want to go with a minivan, a sedan or if you need a vehicle with hauling capacity.

Size Matters

The size of the engine under the hood will affect fuel efficiency and a four-cylinder engine will give you the best efficiency of all. However, if you haul a trailer or have a large family, you may need a six or even an eight-cylinder engine to provide more power. While it will cost you when you need more fuel, you will not wear out your vehicle as quickly as you would by buying an undersized car.

How Long is the Commute?

If you live in the suburbs and drive into work each day, then you should consider buying a diesel-powered vehicle because they burn fuel more efficiently. However, if you have a lot of stops and starts or drive short distances, you should look at hybrids or electric vehicles if fuel efficiency is your standard for buying a car. With frequent stops or short trips, diesel-powered vehicles are just not as economical.

Fuel Efficient Vehicle

Get Information Online

A great way to find a fuel efficient vehicle is to car shop online. You can search for the options you want in a vehicle and compare them to other models without being pestered by a car salesman trying to get you to sign a contract. Take a look at different brands, such as Ssangyong, to find the type of vehicle you need and get pricing information with the options you want.

Buy Late Model

Over the past few years, engine technological has improved fuel efficiency in most types of vehicles, so you should be able to find a sedan, SUV or a truck that provides you with good fuel efficiency. Electric vehicle technology has also improved, so you do not have to buy a tiny, odd-looking car if you want something that is both efficient and great for the environment.

With these tips, you should be able to find a vehicle that will help you save money at the fuel pump. Consider what you need in a vehicle for yourself and your family, shop online to compare specifications and get an idea of the options that are available in new vehicles. Once you have found a few models you like, find dealerships located near you and test drive your picks in order to help you choose a new car.