Your Hidden Wealth


There are several things that most people have in common and a few of those things are a desire to make more money and a desire to cut the amount of clutter in their houses. As you live your life, you accumulate more and more stuff. Unless you live in a very small flat or you are packing up your things to move, you might not even notice how much stuff you’ve gathered. However, when it comes time to move your house, you might wonder where you got all of this stuff. A move is a great time to be introspective and analyse whether you need all of the stuff you have. It’s also a great time to fulfil your probable desire to make more money.

Precious metals get the most acclaim for being worthy natural resources, but all metal actually has value. Your appliances, your car, and many other items are made from metal. That makes them worth money. It is often much less expensive for manufacturers to make items from recycled metal than it is to produce and smelt new metal. It’s also much better for the environment and that’s why recycling has become such a popular public policy. If you’re cleaning out your home for any reason, you have an opportunity to make a significant amount of money with the metal in and around your home.

Cars and Big Items

The biggest and most noticeable sources of scrap metal are automobiles and other large items. Some Perth scrap metal experts will even offer to come to your home and remove large items. An automobile can weigh over 1000 kg. While that’s not all metal, it is largely made of different kinds of metal. The engine block alone can weigh as much as 400 kg. That’s mostly iron and steel, which aren’t very expensive metals, but in such high quantities you can still make a good amount of money.

In addition to automobiles, great sources of metal include boats, bicycles, and motorcycles. Even if the automobile or bicycle is rusty and non-functional, it is still worth money for its metal content.

Appliances and Home Goods

Appliances and home goods are another great source of metal. Washing machines and dryers are two of the biggest sources of metal inside your home. Washing machines have heavy motors in them that contain a large amount of metal; also, the body of the machines is often made of metal. That’s especially true of old washers and dryers. Your kitchen contains many sources of metal as well.

Toasters are typically made of metal and ovens are as well. Stainless steel refrigerators are a big source of metal.

Copper Wire

Copper is one of the most expensive metals that you have in your home. Copper is a ductile metal that can be easily drawn into wires, which makes it very useful for home use. The wiring in your home is typically made of copper. Also, an air conditioner usually has a large coil of copper wire that could be worth a lot.