Three Tips for Buying a Used Car from a Dealership


If you need to replace a car or buy an additional one for your family, a used car can be a good choice. There are many advantages to purchasing a used car from a dealership, such as:

  • You will save thousands of pounds.
  • The car is inspected before it’s put on the lot.
  • It will have a warranty.
  • Insurance is usually less expensive.
  • Financing may not be necessary.

Use these tips when you want to purchase a used vehicle.

Check the History

Before buying a car, look up its history to find out if it has been involved in accidents, had major repairs, or is a stolen vehicle. You can look up records online by going through the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency’s website.

Check MOT Records

If you’re buying a used car over three years old, then it should have had a MOT test every year. Ask to see the vehicle’s MOT records and find out about any gaps in the records. A car with a rated MOT in Hamilton should be ready for the road.

Take a Test Drive

Before buying a vehicle, take it out for a long test drive. Don’t just drive the car around a few blocks but take it on a nearby highway to test out how well it changes gears, how easy it is to steer, and if you like how it handles.

Buying a used car can save your family money but do some research so you don’t end up wasting money by making a bad purchase.