How To Avoid Collision While Driving At Night And Steps Taken If Collision Occurs

Driving At Night

There is always difference in day and night driving. If the weather is not good and there is dense fog or darkness, the driving becomes even more difficult. In such cases we have to take utmost care of ourselves as well as from the vehicles passing by. Though we might be safely driving during the night times, there might be some collision because of fault of others and you might have to pay the price for it.

Though you cannot compel others to drive safely and steadily but you can take care of your driving during dawn and dusk when the visibility is poor. This will make your life and journey safer and blissful. By following the basic tips you shall be able to control the mishap and collision.

Driving At Night

  • Eye Adjustment Takes Time:

Even if your vision is better, the eyes take time to adjust to darkness and it can take as long as 30 minutes in some people. Hence it is better to drive slowly till your eyes adjust to the darkness.

  • Beware of glare:

The glare reflected from oncoming vehicle is seen to be major cause of collision. Generally, the eyes take 3 to 5 seconds of recovery time from glare. Hence you should use better quality of anti-glare glasses while driving.

  • Reducing speed:

The best alternative to avoid head-on collision is to drive at slow speed so that you can have full control of the vehicle during emergency.

  • Take a break:

If you are exhausted and feeling tired, you should avoid driving. Take a break before riding further.

  • Safety Checks:

Before starting, you should prepare a checklist like checking of head lights and signal lights are properly working etc. Other check list while driving includes

  • Using headlights even if it is dusk so that you can be seen by others.
  • Keeping your windows and headlights clean from inside-out to have proper visibility.
  • Adjusting your cabin’s light.

While you might be driving safely following all the precautions, but the accidents cannot be averted and might occur anytime anywhere. Here comes the need of auto body repair shop who can manage the show easily without having the trauma felt. But before you opt for any auto body repair shop, you have to be cautious, while choosing them as there are many available providing different services and categories. Moreover you have to see from the insurance point of view also and after effects once it is sent for repairs. The following are few points you should be aware of while choosing the auto body repair shop.

  • Check the quality:

When the vehicle is sent for repairs, there are mainly two things to consider namely quality of the material-labor and timely job completion with legal formalities. The auto body repair shop should use genuine parts or OEM parts that are reliable and has warranty against it. It should have trained and experienced staff so that the vehicle does not have further damages to increase overall expense.

There are very few auto body repair shops like King Collision Center, who treat the vehicle as their own and give you maximum benefit with minimum cost resulting in more value for your hard earned money.

  • Evaluate the repair shop:

Before handing over the vehicle you can visit the repair shop as seeing is what you believe.

  • Ask for reviews:

You can ask your friends or relatives for your shortlisted shop. Or they might have alternate option for you. You can also check reviews on the internet and call them personally to share their experience.

  • Speak with the Insurance companies:

You can ask your insurance companies as they have few registered auto body shops wherein the claim gets easily cleared and you get the vehicle on time in a hassle-free manner.

  • Ask for estimates:

You need to ask for detailed estimate so that it makes it easier to make comparison between different auto body shops. It will make your comparison simple and open your alternate sources to think.

Thus, in order to stay away from auto body shop, the best way is to drive safely and steadily during night hours. God forbid, if any accidents occur you should be ready with the sources of repairs by choosing correct auto body shop.