Five things to highlight for selling your Used RV now

Used RV

Once you have decided to sell your used recreational vehicle (RV), it’s understandable that you will not only want to sell it off within a decent timeframe but will also want to get a good price for it. However, you will not be able to do this unless you make your vehicle fit enough for resale. Your RV will be up against many similar vehicles for sale, so your job is to make it stand out. The more appealing you make it to the buyers, the more attention you are going to get. Indeed, the condition of your RV, both mechanically and aesthetically, can make a huge difference on how quickly you can sell it. Leave the rest and highlight the following five areas when making a sales pitch.

Used RV

Mileage matters

For motor enthusiasts, nothing is a bigger draw than mileage. If your vehicle can cover at least 1,200 miles per year with relatively less problems, the resale value is going to be good. A comparatively new RV covers around 11,500 miles on an average in a year. If your vehicle can meet or surpass these figures, chances are there that you will get a good value for your vehicle. Therefore, highlight this feature to your potential buyer so that your RV can draw instant attention.

How old is your RV?

The vehicle identification number (VIN) and the vehicle history is crucial for buyers. If your RV has never met any accident or has experienced any major damage, then use this information to your advantage and let the buyer know. Meanwhile, keep other important numbers and statistics including model no, year of manufacture, number plate and engine number your description should be clear and concise about these facts.

Safety issues

When a buyer opts for a used RV for himself or for his family, safety is always going to be the main concern. Emphasize on the safety features of your RV such as the quality of the air bags, the brakes, seat belts and head restrain, all of which is a must for any buyer.

Heating system

If you happen to stay in of those colder regions of the US or you feel the buyer is looking at venturing out with the vehicle to colder states, it always makes sense to tell him about the heating system of your RV. If your rig is equipped with heated floor technology, do not forget to mention that to buyers. Other heating features such as heated cabins and or availability of on-demand hot water can also beef up the comfort quotient of your vehicle by several notches, making it appear to be to the most luxurious asset.

Flaunt the exclusives

It is a good idea to highlight any special feature of your vehicle that you believe makes your RV different from the rest. It could be anything – right from talking about the large LED television, advantium speed cook oven, whirlpool washer dryer or CCTV cameras that you might have installed to hidden storage space, new tyres, high bandwidth WiFi access, large air conditioners throughout the space etc.

Therefore, highlight the positives to sell your RV now and be sure to get a good bargain. Meanwhile, focus on the other aspects including right pricing and presentation, too, in order to be abreast with ongoing market rates and thus building your credibility as a seller. So, what are you waiting for? Put your used rig for sale today, and get set to enjoy a quick and wonderful deal.